Management Services


REMAX Plus Manages and Leases your properties and will provide the following services:

  • Collect all rents & additional charges (such as late fees, bounced check fees) from tenants when such amounts become due
  • Collect and account for security deposits in accordance with applicable law
  • Draw from the management account to pay utilities and expenses on behalf of Owner
  • Write and amend leases on behalf of Owner
  • Renew leases on behalf of Owner
  • Execute and terminate leases on behalf of Owner
  • Negotiate and settle disputes with tenant
  • Institute legal proceedings and carry out eviction proceedings against a tenant before a magisterial district justice (may require additional fee)
  • Make inspections of the Property Broker feels necessary and report the condition of the Property to the Owner
  • Contract for the performance of maintenance
  • Install/change lock boxes for property access by broker & vendors
  •  Screen, approve and deny potential tenants
  •  Market and Advertise properties
  •  Negotiate Rent 
  •  Enforce rules of occupancy
  •  Section 8 Certified
  •  Owner Portal- owners view leases, applications, various reports, income statements, invoices and maintenance requests made for properties


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